Bun Throwing

Bun Throwing Tradition

Bun throwing first began when rich people started giving bread to the poor which then moved on to the rich giving cakes to the poor on special occasions. The town of Abingdon took up that tradition and in 1760 when King George III came to the throne, councillors threw thousands of cakes to the crowds to celebrate the coronation.

The tradition still carries on but only for royal occasions such as a royal wedding,  jubilee and coronation. Councillors in full ceremonial robes climb to the top of the County Hall and throw four thousand current buns at crowds chanting “We want buns”. This tradition is unique to Abingdon and is a ceremonial event, although at times it might seem like a bun fight as people fight for the buns which are often preserved for families and visitors in the future. The County Hall Museum has a fine selection of preserved buns that have been thrown over the years. They are definitely worth seeing.