Ripon Hornblower

Ripon Hornblower Tradition

Meet the Ripon Hornblower and get to know the almost unbelievable story of the longest ongoing tradition in the world. Venture to this nightly ceremony and learn how the Hornblower carries out his duties to support the Mayor of the day and how he helps to safeguard the continuity of the ancient ceremony of ‘Setting the Watch’, which has been carried out every evening on the market square for 1,128 years. It is the longest unbroken daily ceremony in the world.

The ritual is carried out at 9pm every night in Ripon at the Obelisk and it is said that if the horn is not sounded to the satisfaction of Hugh Ripley, the first Mayor of Ripon, he will appear in the attic window of the Wakesmans House and a pestilence and other great tragedies will descend upon the city.

While you are there, buy a Hornblower Lucky Wood Penny and wait for your luck to turn. There have been amazing stories from people who have said the pennies work and do bring luck!

For more information about the Ripon Hornblower and the tradition, please log onto their website below.

Opening Times: Every evening at 9pm