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Learn about Britain’s wildlife, history & culture!

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Traditions: Bun Throwing!

Bun Throwing TraditionBun throwing first began when rich people started giving bread to the poor which then moved on to the rich giving cakes to the poor on special occasions. The town of Abingdon took up that tradition and in 1760 when King George III came to the throne, councillors threw thousands of cakes to the crowds to celebrate the coronation.

Our Wildlife Spot

Common Sun-starThe common sun-star (Crossaster papposus) is a distinctive sun-like starfish, with about 10 to 12 relatively short ‘legs’, up to 35 cm across. A beautiful starfish, usually orangey in colour with bands of paler yellow and richer red on the legs. Covered with small spines. Photo by Paul Naylor

Learn Bird CallsLearn Bird Calls

Late winter is the time of year when the first birds begin to sing and is the best time to learn bird songs.

Working Together!

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Did You Know?
  • In 1734 the mayor of Nottingham has crushed by a 100lb wheel of cheese.

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