Activities for Kids

Cloud Spotting

Let’s go cloud spotting! Our guide will help you identify the different types of clouds and how they are formed.

View the ‘Cloud Spotting’ Activity Sheet

Let's Go Crabbing!

Have a family day out at the seaside crabbing. It’s great fun for the children and the grown-ups enjoy it too!

View the ‘Let’s Go Crabbing!’ Activity Sheet

Identifying Butterflies

Butterflies will visit any garden and a well thought out garden can attract up to 18 species of butterfly. How many butterflies can you spot today?

View the ‘Identifying Butterflies’ Activity Sheet

Let's Fly a Kite!

Why not go kite flying? Flying a kite is easy but there are some things you’ll need to think about before you launch your kite. Have fun!

View the ‘Let’s Fly a Kite!’ Activity Sheet

Flower Spotting

When walking, why not have some fun and see if you can spot any of the wildflowers on our identification sheet.

View the ‘Flower Spotting’ Activity Sheet

Learn Bird Calls

Late winter is the time of year when the first birds begin to sing and is the best time to learn bird songs.

View the ‘Learn Bird Calls’ Activity Sheet

Herb Garden

Learn how to plant a herb garden. Herbs are fantastic plants, they are valuable in cooking and have superb scent.

View the ‘Plant a Herb Garden’ Activity Sheet

Dancing Raisins

Ever thought Raisins could dance? With the help of some kitchen ingredients you’ll be able to see them boogey!

View the ‘Dancing Raisins’ Activity Sheet

Make a Fairy Den

Fairy Dens can be made anywhere and at any time of year as long as there are some natural building materials.

View the ‘Make a Fairy Den’ Activity Sheet