Vikki Gadd - Crystal Therapist

62 Henshall Road, Bollington, Nr Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5DN
2 Henshall Road Bollington England SK10 5HX GB

About My Business
I offer bespoke crystal healing therapy treatments using my experience, knowledge and expertise with crystal and many years of meditation and assistance from my guides and Angels.

Crystals enhance the natural energy fields of the human body, they have an affinity with our mind, body and soul,therefore, can be used to heal, repair and energise. Crystal healing helps to ‘kick start’ your own natural healing ability to become balanced and whole. A wide variety of conditions respond to crystal healing. These include all physical, emotional, spiritual and negative thought patterns.

The treatments I offer are found to be deeply relaxing, exceptionally cleansing and totally empowering. I offer a wide range of treatments from a Full Crystal Therapy Treatment with Aromatherapy back massage, which is a profoundly relaxing experience, where selected crystals are placed on and around my client, whilst I harmonise, clear and transform the energies of their chakras, meridians and energy fields.

Angel Card and Energy Readings, where I intuitively read my clients energy, give a full descriptive chakra diagnosis, and then working with my Guides and the Angel Cards to give clearance, balance and direction in the most positive and loving way.

I also offer House Clearances to any of my clients that have the odd unwanted guests in their homes, or maybe just a mass of negative energy from previous owners that just needs to be cleared and the home energies and vibrations brought into balance and harmony. There is no age limit to the clients I treat, I have worked with new born babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults and our wise old beauties!!

What makes my business special? 
My business is special because I feel that I offer a unique and bespoke intuitive healing service to my clients, I also feel very blessed to be able to work with my gifts in a job that I absolutely love!!

About the Owner
I have been running my business as a crystal therapist for 12 years, from our beautiful home in Bollington, where I live with my gorgeous husband Chris and our three beautiful children (well 2 are probably classed as adults now!) and our menargere of pets, which include 2 naughty cocker spaniels, 1 old boy of a cat and a rainbow crab (which I haven’t seen for a while !!!)

Opening Times
Monday to Saturday 10am – 9pm

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