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Weight loss program – guaranteed results of up to 10lbs in 30 days. This successful weight loss plan combines a 30 day healthy eating menu plan with recipes. Activities like walking, running, swimming or boxing – choose what suits you best, and small changes in your everyday behaviour.

Nutritional Therapy helps to discover the best foods for you, to help optimise your health, lose weight and get the most out of life. You are what you eat, and many areas of health can be affected by your food intake.

Healthy eating is fundamental to life-long health and well-being. Lifestyle and poor nutrition choices can deplete your energy levels, increase weight and lower your immune system. I have devised my own healthy recipes that are a great way to get in shape.

Nutritionist prepared meals: All of my meals are Organic where possible. Most are Gluten Free, with no unnecessary un-healthy fats or unrefined sugars. Only healthy nutritious ingredients are used, such as gluten free flour, organic free range chicken, organic fruit, rice syrup and linseeds to help energise your day.

What makes my business special? Heart
Pure Nutrition was developed to help people take a step back from their busy life and enjoy space to think about lifestyle changes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or enjoy a healthier lifestyle, I help to give you the knowledge and tools, to make the changes you need to optimise your health and lifestyle and make you feel fantastic.

About the Owner
I achieved my professional qualification in Human Nutrition Bsc, following three years training in Human Nutrition at the University of Westminster in London.

I turned to a career in nutritional therapy following 18 months in Western Africa. Having worked as a volunteer alongside health care practitioners, observing and treating health problems encountered through a lack of nutrition, I became greatly interested in the impact that food and nutrition have over the human body.

I am a firm believer that nutritional health holds the key to 100% health and well-being for both the body and the mind.

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