White Nancy

Kerridge, Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5BA
4 Windmill Lane Bollington England SK10 5AZ GB

White Nancy, which was erected in 1817, is a structure that resides at the top of the Saddle of Kerridge on the northern side. When standing alongside the building, a spectacular view presents itself overlooking Kerridge and the village of Bollington.

On clear days there are extensive views of the Cheshire Plains, leading toward the mountains of North Wales. Also visible are the hills of Shropshire and the Pennines to the north and the Gritstone Trail passes close by, making it a popular walk and destination for locals and tourists. The building itself was built by John Gaskell Junior to honour the victory at the battle of Waterloo.

White Nancy originally had an entrance beneath the hill that led into a room filled with stone benches and a stone table. However, the entrance is now blocked. Rumours say the reason for the closure was due to vandalism and the misuse of the venue.

White Nancy has been designated by the English Heritage as a Grade II listed building, and it is also on the national monuments record. The actual structure itself is circular, standing 5 metres with a ball on top of it. Until 1925 the structure remained unpainted, but over the years it has had a range of different colours. However, now it remains white, making White Nancy very easy to spot for miles around.

Since 2009 the ball on the top of the dome structure has been painted black.

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