Warwick Castle

Castle Lane, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 4QU
8 Castle Lane Warwick England CV34 4BU GB

Imagine a totally electrifying, full day out at Britain’s Ultimate Castle! Where you can immerse yourself in a thousand years of jaw-dropping history – come rain or shine. Where ancient myths and spell-binding tales will set your imagination alight and your hair on end! Where princesses are pampered and maidens are wooed!

Experience the excitement of Merlin: The Dragon Tower an exhilarating and interactive experience inspired by the hit BBC One family drama where you’ll be transported to the heart of Camelot to discover the secrets that are hidden deep inside the Tower before your ultimate encounter with the Great Dragon himself.

The Witches of Warwick arrive in the Castle Dungeon bringing morbid spells and the darkest witchcraft games that will create an atmosphere so malevolent and chilling, even seasoned scaremongers will be terrified.

It could only be Warwick Castle.

Photo Credits: © Copyright Warwick Castle.

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