Treak Cliff Tavern

Buxton Road, Castleton, Hope Valley, Derbyshire S33 8WP
Unnamed Road Castleton England S33 8WA GB

Enter an ancient underground in the heart of the Peak District National Park and discover how miners worked in the 1750s. A friendly and informative guide will explain how miners used hand tools to reach the Blue John Stone and you will see veins of this stone across the cave roof. You will also have the chance to enter the mysterious Witch’s Cave where even richer deposits of Blue John Stone are revealed and the guide will also point out fossils that formed the hillside above you 330 million years ago. You’ll also see stalactites and stalagmites and a famous formation called ‘The Stork’ which stands on one leg.

When you are back in the outside world, why not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee made from water that has been collected inside the cavern. Afterwards you could take a browse through the shop and look at a selection of jewellery and ornaments made from Blue John Stone.

Facilities: Dogs are welcome on a lead

Opening Times: From 10am daily. Closed 24th, 25th & 26th December
Open at 12.00pm on New Years Day.

Group bookings are to be booked in advance anytime from 10am to 3pm

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