Sweetheart Abbey

Main Street, New Abbey DG2 8BU
36 Main Street New Abbey Scotland DG2 8BY GB

Be in awe as you walk through the ruins of this red sandstoned 13th century abbey located on the banks of the River Pow. The shell of this building still stands tall and proud and is a significant landmark which is now under the care of Historic Scotland. Witness the impressive carved workmanship to the chancel and the complex carved stonework on the Gothic windows as you walk around the abbey which has a row of spectacular pillars.

Learn about the heart-breaking love story of Lady Dervorgilla who had her late husband’s heart embalmed so she could carry it around with her all the time in an ivory box. The monks of the abbey renamed the Abbey ‘Dulce Cor’, which is Latin for ‘sweetheart’, in recognition of the unconditional love Lady Dervorgilla felt for husband. In 1290, Lady Dervorgilla died and was buried along the embalmed heart in a tomb in front of the altar.

The remains of this historic building are full of history and intrigue and it is a great place to visit. Also, if you have the chance, take a walk around the graveyard in which the founder of the Bank of England, William Paterson, was buried in an unmarked grave in 1964. You will see a plaque commemorating the banker as you enter the graveyard.