Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Palterton Lane, Surron cum Duckmanton, Derbyshire S44 5UR
Hall Drive Sutton Scarsdale England S44 5UR GB

The shell of this once grandiose Georgian mansion definitely gives you an insight into how some of the rich lived back in the early eighteenth century.

As you walk around the skeleton of the building you will still see some of the former rich plaster decoration and the magnificent columned exterior. This large impressive hall is set in a spectacular location on a hilltop and is surrounded by gardens, which make an ideal spot to have a picnic on a dry summer day.

Scarsdale Hall was built in Baroque style in 1724 to 1729 but over the years fell into disrepair. In 1919 the ruined hall was bought by local business men and the roof was removed in 1920. The hall is now owned by the English Heritage and is accessible to the public at all times.

Location Details: Between Chesterfield and Bolsover, 1.5 miles S of Arkwright Town

Opening Times: Open all year except 24th/25th, 26th December and 1st January

Photo Credits: © Copyright English Heritage Photo Library

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