St Trillos Church

Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay, North Wales LL28 4HS
45 Marine Drive Rhos on Sea Wales LL28 4HS GB

The Guinness Book of Records lists this wonderful little church as the smallest ‘church in use’. It measures 11 by 8 feet and only has enough seats for six people, but around twenty worshippers can fit in, although it is a tight squeeze! Communion services are still held in this tiny bijou stone church which dates back to the 16th or 17th century. The altar inside the church stands over a natural spring that once provided St Trillo, a 6th-century saint, with drinking water. You can still see the well in front of the altar.

After admiring this fascinating church, you could walk to the seafront and at low tide see if you can spot the remains of Rhos Fynach fishing weir which is an ancient type of fish trap. Rhos-on-Sea, where this tiny church is situated, has much to offer for those who enjoy walking.

Photo Credits: © Copyright Ray Jones