St Breock Downs Monolith

St Breock Downs, Rosenannon, Cornwall PL30 5PN
Unnamed Road Saint Wenn England PL30 5PN GB
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This single upright block of stone is the largest and heaviest prehistoric standing stone in Cornwall. To get to the monolith you will need to climb up to the summit of St Breock Downs, but when you get there you will be rewarded by the spectacular views of the countryside and the views across to the sea.

This stone is also known as Men Gurta, meaning stone (men) and long (gurta). It was originally five metres high, but now it is only three metres and weighs nearly seventeen tonnes. The stone is made from Devonian shale and it is believed that the monolith may have been associated with Bronze Age ritual movements.

While you are on the summit admiring the landscape and the presence of this ancient stone, take a few minutes to look at the stone’s distinct markings. They are beautiful.

Opening Times: Open any reasonable time during daylight hours.

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