Shipley Glen Gable Tramway

Prod Lane, Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 5BN
1 Prod Lane Baildon England BD17 5BN GB

Shipley Glen Gable Tramway is one of the oldest working cable tramways in Great Britain. In 1895 the line was built to serve Shipley Glen, a local beauty spot near Sataire. Now, two trams with canopy tops run up and down a steep wooded hill, about a quarter of a mile in length. The tram offers a pleasant alternative to walking up the hill.

In 1985 it would have cost a passenger about 2d for a round trip on the tramway. Now it only costs £2.00 for unlimited travel which is even better value for money than it was all those years ago.

You can also visit the museum at the bottom station where you will see interesting displays of photos, artefacts and memorabilia of the tramway and Shipley Glen.

Facilities: Disabled and easy wheelchair access to the Tramway and platforms are available at the top station with on street parking close to the Tramway in Prod Lane, Baildon. The 20 metre platforms have a concrete surface with a 1 in 10 slope.

At the bottom station parking is available in the neighbouring Salts Grammar School Car Park. From there a level path of about 250 metre with easy disabled or wheelchair access leads to the Tramway and Tramway Museum.

The bottom station is approached by a flagged 30 metre 1 in 6 path and the trams are reached by 20 metre flagged platforms with a 1 in 8 slope. A wheelchair or a pram can be safely carried on the Tramway on a purpose built platform on each Tramcar.

There are no disabled or public toilets at the Tramway.

Opening Times: Saturday and Sunday, Noon to about 4.30pm Weather permitting.

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