Newcomen Engine House

Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre, The Engine House, Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9YY

Thomas Newcomen is one of the most famous people to be associated with Dartmouth. Born here in 1663, he was an ironmonger by trade and later went on to become a Baptist preacher. However, his greatest achievement, and one which earned him a great deal of notoriety, is the invention of the atmospheric steam engine. Developed around 1710, the engine was a revolutionary invention that was used in coal mines to pump out the water that frequently flooded them.

In 1712, the first working engine was built near Dudley Castle in the South Staffordshire coalfield. His engine represented a landmark in the development of steam engines and was one of the major advances of the Industrial Revolution.

It has in fact been said that the Industrial Revolution would not have been possible without Newcomen’s engine. Call into Dartmouth Tourist Information Centre and see the Engine in action!

Facilities: Wheelchair accessible.

Opening Times: Summer 7 days a week 10am to 4pm Sunday 10am to 2pm. Winter 5 days a week (closed Wed & Sun) 10am to 4pm

Costs: FREE entrance (voluntary donation box)

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