Magpie Mine

Magpie Mine, Sheldon, Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire DE45 1QU
Horse Lane England DE45 1QT GB

High on a moor in north Derbyshire are the ruins of Magpie Mine, a lead mine which was last worked in the 1950s. It is one of the best examples of a mine’s surface in the UK today. The site contains over 20 shafts which are capped with substantial grills.

Learn about the fascinating 300-year history of mining with its bonanzas and failures, bitter disputes and fights, resulting in the murder of three miners, and learn about a widow’s curse that is said to remain to this day.

The mine is situated on an English Heritage ancient monument site and can be reached by public footpaths entering from both Sheldon and Monyash.

The Agent’s Cottage and the adjacent Smithy are the centre of the Peak District Mines Historical Society. This site is unmanned, but usually at weekends some of the society members may be on site. The site is very fragile and all visitors should take care not to climb on walls or remove materials from the waste heaps.

Cars must be parked at the roadside and no attempt to use the farm track should be made as this is private land. Only society members have permission to use the track.

Opening Times: Summer: 10am to 5pm daily
Winter: 11am to 3pm Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
11am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Photo Credits: © Copyright PDMHS

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