Jorvik - The Viking City

Coppergate, York, Yorkshire YO1 9WT
12 Coppergate York England YO1 9NT GB

Visit Jorvik Viking Centre and learn all about Vikings, where they came from, why they came to Britain, how they lived and died here.

At JORVIK Viking Centre you are standing on the site of one of the most famous and astounding discoveries of modern archaeology. For almost six years, archaeologists dug through the layers of history to reveal Viking-age houses, workshop and backyards. These incredible findings enabled them to create the JORVIK Viking Centre on the very site where the excavations had taken place, which lets you experience life in Viking-Age York.

You can discover exactly what was found at Coppergate during the excavation. Under your feet you will see the reconstructed excavation exposing houses, objects discarded by residents and the work in progress by the team of professional archaeologists excavating here. Then you travel back in time to the Viking-age city of Jorvik aboard our time capsules. There you will experience the sights, sounds and even the smells of life in York 1,000 years ago.

There is plenty to do at this centre and it is really interesting too. It is a must while you are in York.

Opening Times: Open all year round.

Photo Credits: © Copyright Jorvik – The Viking Centre.

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