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If you like walking in wild and barren moorland, then why not go to Dartmoor in Devon and visit a mystical Bronze Age settlement called Grimspound, which has the remains of twenty four hut circles surrounded by a boundary wall. The low-stoned wall is over four metres deep in places and it is believed to have been built to keep livestock in.

The huts in their time would have been quite low with a conical thatched roof and approximately three to five metres in diameter. So while you are there just sit for a while and imagine what life would have been like for these ancient Celtic people in their homes and imagine how they would have performed their rituals and dancing, and who knows perhaps you will experience something wild and mysterious in this wonderful landscape of the old.

Location Details: Please note postcode used is Moretonhampstead, the site is 6 miles SW of Moretonhampstead off the B3212

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Open all year. Any reasonable time.

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