Faversham Stone Chapel

London Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8RX
3 Four Oaks Road Faversham England ME13 0TR GB

The ruins of this small Anglo-Saxon and Medieval chapel is the only Christian building in England that has the remains of a 4th century Romano-British pagan mausoleum.

Walk through the valley of open fields where this once ancient building stood and get a sense of history hundreds of years ago. See the east end side of the remains of the Medieval chapel which made use of surviving Roman walls that are one metre thick.

The remains consist of walls standing about a metre above ground level and you will see the nave which was the central part of the chapel, the sanctuary to the east and a section linking the two. The walls of the nave and the sanctuary are mainly of flint, bonded with a mortar rich with broken seashells.

Location Details: In field immediately north of A2 just west of Ospringe and opposite Faversham Road

Opening Times: This site can be visited at any reasonable time during day light hours.

Photo Credits: © Copyright Faversham Society

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