Brampton Park

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle, Staffordshire ST5 0QP
Brampton Road Newcastle-under-Lyme England ST5 0QR GB

This delightful small park, which has a Green Flag status, is an ideal place to relax and have a picnic. Children can have fun running, climbing and jumping around in the children’s play area and they can also enjoy playing in a sandpit with a water pump. There is a wonderful large aviary in the park where you could try and persuade cheeky colourful parrots to talk to you!

Visit the rose garden and sensory garden which are ideal for relaxing and stimulating the senses. You could also sit on benches in picnic areas and enjoy your lunch on a hot sunny day. There is also a lovely café on site where small children can play in the soft area.

This is a great park to visit for the whole of the family, and while you are there why not visit Brampton Museum and be amazed with its quirky gallery full of bears, dolls and toys, and then walk to the Victorian street with its life size shops, which will give you an insight into how life was back them. The museum, like the park, is a hidden gem.

Opening Times: All year round

Costs: Free admission

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