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Black Candles Online

Manufacturer of Luxury Candles

51 Vyrnwy Road

Contact: Kevin

01244 671771 admin (at) black-candles (dot) co (dot) uk View website

Fax: 01244 671771

About Our Business
Our black candles are made using the best materials available to create high quality candles. Many other sites claim to sell black candles but in reality a lot are cheap uncoloured candles that have been dipped in black wax to make them appear black. These are extremely cheap to make but are not real black candles! All of our candles, including the tea lights, are made from melted black wax and are solid black colour right the way through the candle. Guaranteed!

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality candles backed up by our excellent customer service.

Our candle range is also available in different colours, so you can shop for all your candle needs in one convenient place!

What makes our business special?
We manufacture the blackest candles on the market. None of our candles are over dipped; they are solid colour right the way through the candle!

Opening Times
24 hours online, office hours 10am-4pm Mon-Fri.

Find out more about Black Candles Online at:

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